Designing a Microwave Heating System
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CoberMuegge LLC supplies microwave generators, industrial microwave components and magnetrons for industrial, scientific and medical applications. Microwave generators are available from 300W to 30KW at 2450MHz and 5KW to 100KW at 915MHz. Measurement devices and plasma technology are also part of the CoberMuegge LLC offering. Waveguide components such as 3-stub tuners, directional couplers, isolators, circulators, dummy loads, e-bends, h-bends, adjustable shorts and quartz windows are available in WR284, WR340, WR430 and WR975.

CoberMuegge LLC microwave generators are available in two configurations. Single cabinet microwave generators and modular microwave generators are available as standards. Custom microwave generators are also available.

CoberMuegge LLC microwave generators are available with fixed our variable output power. Our industrial microwave components range from isolators, circulators, dummy loads and magnetrons to tuners, directional couplers and adjustable shorts. All industrial microwave components are manufactured by CoberMuegge LLC with the exception of circulators and magnetrons.

CoberMuegge LLC offers magnetrons from the leading manufacturers. Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, National and California Tube Labs are some of our most popular brands. Magnetrons operating at 915MHz and 2450MHz are our standard offering. Air cooled and water cooled magnetrons are available as are custom cooling configurations.

Industrial microwave components are available in several sizes. WR284, WR340 and WR430 are available for operation at 2450MHz while WR975 is utilized for 915MHz operation. Standard and custom industrial microwave components are available from CoberMuegge LLC. 3-stub tuners, directional couplers, adjustable shorts, e-bends, h-bends, straight waveguide and quartz windows are only part of our standard offering.

Plasma applicators in standard and custom configurations are manufactured by CoberMuegge LLC. Microwave generators custom made for plasma applications are supplied. Wide area plasma applicators and lab scale plasma applicators are also available.

Measurement devices including impedance/network analyzers, high power impedance analyzers, diode detectors, digital power meters and microwave leakage detectors are available from CoberMuegge LLC.

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Designing a Microwave Heating System