Designing a Microwave Heating System

Who is the Microwave Source?

October 1, 2013 - As of today, Cober, Inc. has acquired 100% interest in its joint venture with Muegge Electronic of Germany. CoberMuegge will continue to market and service Muegge equipment and components.

The Microwave Source is the trade name for CoberMuegge LLC, previously an international joint venture of two of the world’s most prominent developers and suppliers of industrial microwave heating components and hardware - Cober, Inc. of Stratford, CT and Muegge Electronic of Reichelsheim, Germany. As of October 1, 2013 Cober, Inc. has assumed full ownership of CoberMuegge LLC.

The mission of the Microwave Source is to help science and industry develop and grow applications utilizing the benefits of microwave heating. The joint venture will accomplish this mission by providing a broad line of standard microwave generators and components of the highest quality at competitive prices and with fast delivery. 

A key objective is for the product line to be complete so that customers may fill their full needs for microwave hardware from one source. Included are generators at 2450MHz and at 915MHz with power levels from 300 watts up to 100 kW. Waveguide, circulators, instrumentation, dummy loads and microwave tubes are major items in the product line. Generator designs offer a broad range of options covering high ripple through low ripple and power supplies with L-C line type circuit design or switch-mode models. The product line will constantly grow using the latest technologies. 

Built in Germany, Sold and Serviced Globally

Most CoberMuegge equipment and components is made in Germany. CoberMuegge equipment and components are sold and serviced worldwide. Our objective is for the Microwave Source to be the one stop for microwave heating components and related technical support.

Shipped from the USA and Germany

We can ship to you from either the USA or Europe. Our prices are standardized and many items are in stock for fast delivery. We guarantee everything we make.

Tell us your overall processing objectives and we can give you the recommendations for which items from the Microwave Source will fit your needs most economically. 

If you have a need for items you cannot find in this catalog, let us know. We will continually be updating our offerings and for items we do not offer, we can put you in touch with the experts in our parent companies to design a product to your specification.

We invite your comments and suggestions. Your input is important to us.

Matthew Krieger

Designing a Microwave Heating System