Designing a Microwave Heating System
  Category:  Measurement Devices / Impedance Analyzer   
  Description:  Autotuner/Impedance Analyzer, 2450MHz
Model Number:  WG340AT-V
  Product Details:  The CoberMuegge WR340AT-V or "Tristan" automatic tuning system combines the capability of our MDIAH2450 impedance analyzer with an automated 3-stub tuner.

The Tristan features fast, automatic impedance matching under full power conditions utilizing vector-reflection coefficient measurements. Readout of forward and reflected power, reflection coefficient (magnitude and phase) and stub positions.

The Tristan is housed on a length of WR340 waveguide and can handle 6KW of forward power. Interface is via RS232 or CANBUS. 24VDC is required to power the system.

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Designing a Microwave Heating System