Designing a Microwave Heating System
  Category:  Measurement Devices / Impedance Analyzer   
  Description:  High Power Impedance/Network Analyzer, 2450MHz
Model Number:  MDIAH2450
  Product Details:  The CoberMuegge MDIAH2450 high power impedance analyzer is a vector reflectometer capable of accurate measurement of both modulus and phase of the reflection coefficient under full power conditions at 2450MHz. The device consists of the analyzer integrated with a section of WR340 waveguide, control software, cabling and documentation. It can be controlled from a PC or used independently via an RS232 or RS485 serial interface.

System capabilities include readout of forward and reflected power, data-logging of load impedance, frequency, forward and reflected power and allows for display of VSWR, return loss and phase angle results in a graphic format.


Designing a Microwave Heating System