Designing a Microwave Heating System
  Category:  Microwave Power Sources / Generators   
  Description:  Microwave Generator 1.2KW/2450MHz High Ripple
Model Number:  GENHRS1.2
  Product Details:  Standard microwave generators available from CoberMuegge are listed. Generators of Type “separate” are generators made up of a 19”, rack-mountable power supply and separate magnetron head. Those generators of Type “single” are complete units contained in a single cabinet. In the column labelled “Ripple”, we indicate the power supply ripple specification. High indicates 10% or less peak-to-peak. Std indicates <5% peak-to-peak. Low indicates <1% peak-to-peak. In practical terms, Low Ripple Power Supplies are most applicable to pulsed and plasma applications. High Ripple Power Supplies are generally used in applications where the power to the applicator is controlled by an on-off duty cycle of the generator. For all other microwave heating applications, Standard Ripple Power Supplies are the correct choice

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Frequency Output Power Output Ripple Waveguide Output Pulsable
Designing a Microwave Heating System