Designing a Microwave Heating System
  Category:  Plasma / Sources   
  Description:  Downstream Plasma Source
Model Number:  PSMDS50
  Product Details:  The CoberMuegge PSMDS50 downstream source provides a compact, efficient and reliable plasma source. The PSMDS50 provides a 50mm plasma output and can be supplied with up to 3KW of microwave power. Process pressures: 20 - 5000 Pa.

The PSMDS50 is water cooled (3 l/min), uses a n R26 microwave flange and a DN50KF or DN50CF vacuum port. Gas inlet via Swagelok VCR connector at a maximum rate of 1000 sccm. The aluminum device is 160mm in diameter x 90mm and weighs only 8 kg.
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Designing a Microwave Heating System